Tenerife weather

Tenerife weather, these are probably the two words you wrote in the search engine to find this article; well, hopefully here you can get a simple nonscientific explanation written by a person who moved to Tenerife and has been living on the island for 5 years.

Let’s start saying that Tenerife’s weather is almost perfect!

As you have maybe heard, Tenerife is also called the island of eternal spring; this is because of its temperatures, on average between 17 °C and 24 °C throughout the year. Here I show you a couple of graphics to give you an idea of the temperature variation according to the season.


The values shown above consider the whole island, but we have to clarify one thing about Tenerife’s weather; generally speaking, in the north it is cooler and wetter, whereas in the south it is warmer and drier. This difference is due mainly to the trade winds that hit the island; they usually blow from the north-east toward the south-west at this latitude. 

Look at the physical shape of Tenerife, it emerges from the ocean almost like a pyramid! In the center of the island there is a massive plateau 2000 metres high; from there starts the majestic peak of Teide,with its 3718 metres above sea level; this is the third highest volcano in the world and the highest mountain in Spain.

Things to do in Tenerife

What happens is basically that the high mountains stop clouds in the northern side of the island; furthermore they also act as physical barrier against the winds, protecting the south-west; for this reason this area enjoys better weather and sea conditions; as a matter of fact the big majority of tourist boat trips take place in the south; they depart mainly from the harbour of Puerto Colon

You should definitely consider this Tenerife weather differences when planning a holiday on the island; I have met many people who decided to book an accomodation in the north to save money and regret they did when they found out how the weather was there.

Anyone going on vacation wants to see a bit of sunlight, so I strongly recommend you to come to the south or west; in my experience the best area to stay is between Los Cristianos and Los Gigantes; the west coast has a very good weather and offers spectacular sunsets. If you are considering to go on some tourist trips, then it is better to stay as close as possible to the areas of Playa de Las Americas or Los Cristianos; from there trasport is available for all excursions, whereas from other locations it is not garanteed; if you want to check the availability of this service feel free to contact us.

I hope with this article we have helped you to understand better about weather in Tenerife; keep reading our blog, see you soon!

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