Our Jet Ski Tenerife will be the best memory of your holiday in Canary Islands!

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Our jet ski Tenerife will be the best memory of your holiday in Canary Islands!

First of all you have to know that 2 different harbours are available to start the jet ski Tenerife trip; one is PUERTO COLóN and the other is LAS GALLETAS (We have a special offer from Las Galletas, see price list at the bottom).

At the beginning we give you a quick theory lesson at the harbour; we explain you basic rules to follow for your safety during the jet ski Tenerife excursion. Once everything is clear we provide you with all the necessary equipment such as life jacket and wetsuit; then we sit on the jet ski and leave the harbour in a small group of vehicles; you have to follow our guide driving a speedboat who will take care of you during the whole trip.

The area we visit with the jet ski Tenerife excursion depends on the harbour we start from.

If we go from Las Galletas we will head to the Cliffs of Palm-Mar  for the 1 hour trip and further to La Caleta for the 2 hours trip. When we start from Puerto Colón we will go to La Caleta and the famous beach Playa Diego Hernandez for the 1 hour trip; in the case of the 2 hours trip we will then go south to the cliffs of Palm-Mar as well. The 40 minutes trip is available only when we depart from Puerto Colon and we will go to the area of Playa Diego Hernandez. On this jet ski Tenerife trip we want you to have a good time and also enjoy nice landscapes; you will admire a beautiful volcanic coastline and the high mountains beyond.

At the bottom of this section you can see a map showing you the areas we just mentioned. Anyway we want to inform you that the places we travel to might change depending on weather and sea conditions. During the 2 hours trip there will be also a break of about 10/15 minutes to have a swim. We are sure that the more time you spend on the jet ski the more fun you will have.

The jet ski Tenerife vehicles reach a good speed, enough to feel adrenaline and remain safe at the same time. A member of the team on the speedboat will take pictures of you that you can buy at the end if interested. You can be by yourself on the jet ski (single) or share one with another person (double, it is possible to swap driver).

Jet ski Tenerife is the king of WATER SPORTS; if you are lucky you might also spot some dolphins during the excursion; there is plenty of them in these waters!

To drive the jet ski you have to be at least 16 years old. 16 and 17 years old must show a signed approval from parents or guardian if they want to drive and they can not bring another minor on the jet ski. Children up to 15 years old must be accompanied by adults and there is a minimum height of 125 cm to go on the jet ski. No driver’s licence is required.

For the Jet Ski Tenerife excursion transport service is available only when we depart from Las Galletas; we offer pickup in the area from Playa Paraiso to El Medano. If we start from Puerto Colón you have to reach the harbour yourself.


Generally speaking this trip is available from 10:00 to 17:00. The time varies according to the season so we kindly ask you to get in touch with us to check.



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