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Diving Tenerife is indeed one of the best things to do during you holiday; sealife in Canary Islands is plentiful and this is a way to get to know it very well!

It is difficult to describe to people who have never had this experience how you feel down there; in my opinion the diving Tenerife is like discovering another dimension, out of our natural habitat. It is somehow similar to being on an airplane at 10 km of altitude flying to another country; we could consider it evidence of the human instinct to go beyond limits and explore.

Depending on location and dive depth, you have high chances to encounter marine life during the diving Tenerife; so it is quite easy to see sting and bull rays, sea turtles or moray eels; furthermore it is common to spot other species like octopus, starfish and trumpetfish.

So first of all for the beginners we start the diving Tenerife with a theory lesson at the diving center; we explain you basic safety rules to follow and behavior to adopt underwater; the first time is called “try dive” and it will be a beach dive; this means going into the water walking from the shore with all the equipment. Your personal instructor will take care and monitor you the whole time; the dive will last approximately 25-30 minutes and you will reach a depth of maximum 5 meters.

For people who have experience different locations and depths are available according to their level; some of the most faumous diving Tenerife spots are Cueva de las morenas, El Caracol, El Condesito, El Meridian; other famous places are Montaña Amarilla, Playa Las Vistas, El Puertito; the diving center will advise you and find the best option for you.

For the diving Tenerife pick-up from you accomodation in Tenerife south is included in the price; it is always better to get in touch with us and check the availability from your area in any case.

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