The famous Comedy Drag Dinner Show. A wonderful night of glittering costumes, funny laughters and a top quality cast of characters dancing and singing the whole night!

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MHT Tenerife is a famous Comedy Drag Dinner Show; a wonderful night of glittering costumes and funny laughters; a top quality cast of characters dancing and singing the whole night! A sensational variety of colours and lights, suitable for any kind of people and families.

Tenerife is certainly not only a place to lay on the beach and sunbathe; the offer of entertainment is quite good and there are several shows you can see during your visit here; above all MHT Tenerife, a perfect event to share with your partner, family or friends to relax and laugh.

So for people who don’t know, a Drag Queen is simply a person who dresses very feminine to entertain; for instance make-up is exaggerated as well as the way of acting with extreme femininity. To sum up the characters of MHT Tenerife dance, sing and act; moreover they interact with the public, making the night very funny and enjoyable; the spoken language is English so that the performance can reach a big audience.

During the show people can enjoy a nice dinner which is included in the price; in addition an option to have unlimited drinks is also available, you can see further details below.

MHT Tenerife is the hilariousest night of your holiday!

TIME & DAYS: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday at 19:30.

PRICE MHT Tenerife:
adult 39 € (dinner & entrance, drinks not included), with transport 49 €;
child (4 to 13 years old) 25 € (dinner & entrance, drinks not included), with trasport 35 €;
Baby (0 to 3 years old) free of charge, same with transport;

Dinner MHT Tenerife:
Starter: Vegetable soup with bread roll
Main: Roast Turkey Dinner, served with mashed potato, seasonal vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy.
Dessert: Ice cream
Vegetarian Main: Vegetarian Lasagne
Children’s Main: Chicken nuggets and chips
Wheat allergy & gluten free catered for, please advise at time of booking.

Transport for MHT Tenerife on:

  • Monday from Golf del Sur and the west (Los Gigantes and everywhere south of it);
  • Friday from the west (Los Gigantes and everywhere south of it);
  • Saturday from Golf del Sur;

At MHT Tenerife paying 25 Euros extra you can have unlimited drinks (beer, wine, sangria, local branded spirits and soft drinks).


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