Enjoy the Medieval Adventure Tenerife while having a nice dinner. The entertainment continues after the show with the concert of ” The Drifters “.

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Before booking, check availability:
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The Medieval Adventure Tenerife is one of the best way to entertain yourself in the evening during your holiday; the show takes place in Castillo San Miguel, a recently built medieval castle in the area of Aldea Blanca; the building is about six thousand square meters and can accomodate a bit more than one thousand spectators.

Inside the structure we find a main hall where the tournament takes place; we separate people in two rival groups, sitting on grandstands positioned beside the arena facing each other; then we encourage the crowd to cheer and make noise, supporting their team of knights.

Soon the show begins, knights enter the arena and start showing their hability to ride horses; in the mean time a medieval banquet is served to people who booked the option with meal. The menu includes a vegetable soup, chicken in barbecue sauce, potatoes with mojo sauce and ice cream as dessert; beverages are also offered, you get red and white wine, water and orange lemonade, as much as you want!

During the Medieval Adventure Tenerife the players engage in sword fights and joust; horsemen target rings with their lances, a dwarf entertain the public with fire breathing and an eagle flies over the arena. The crowd partecipàtes actively to the show, involved from the interaction with their knights asking for support; at the end there will be a winner and a loser, hopefully you will be on the right side!

Once the show is finished people move to another room where the night goes on; here on the stage we find the famous band “The Drifters” entertaining us with a special concert. Dancing and singing you end the evening with a smile on your face and a nice memory of your holiday in Tenerife.

Pickup service is provided from Tenerife south around 18:30, depending on your location; the show starts at 19:45 at the castle and finishes 22:30. 

The Medieval Adventure Tenerife is available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.