Tenerife excursions, this is certainly our business!

To begin with, we want to introduce our agency as your local guide when visiting Tenerife. Our knowledge of the island, of the best things to do and places to visit will help you to make you holiday memorable!

Generally speaking, the offer of Tenerife excursions is really huge. On the island you can find for example incredible places for outdoor activities. Alternatively you can have fun doing any kind of water or air sports like for instance scuba diving, jet skiing or parasailing.

Moreover you can explore the island on guided tours by jeep or bus. After that it is possible to visit the best theme parks like Loro Parque and Siam Park. Furthermore you can drive a quad or a buggy on a safari through the fantastic Teide National Park and its lunar scenery. Last but not least, you can entertain yourself with superlative shows. Here there is indeed everything for your amusement!

We specialize exclusively in excursions on the island of Tenerife. this is basically the biggest, most populated and most visited of the Canary Islands. its variety of landscapes, microclimates, recreational activities and tourist services makes it surely one of the most popular destinations in the whole world. more than five million visitors come to the island every year and do plenty of Tenerife excursions.

There are a few things to point out that you have to know before coming to Tenerife. Firstly, trade winds are almost constantly blowing from northeast to southwest at this latitude. In light of this, do not book your accommodation in the east of the island unless you like wind. On the contrary the west coast is protected from these winds by high mountains. For this reason we recommend you to stay in the area between Los Cristianos and Santiago del Teide.

Secondly, in the north of Tenerife weather is in general cloudier and wetter. It is important to realize that if you stay there you might not find exactly the sunny conditions you are looking for, especially in winter. Another thing to consider is that if you stay in the north pick up service for the majority of Tenerife excursions is not available. In other words you need to rent a car in order to come to the south, public transport is not a good option because there are often delays.

Thirdly, if you are thinking about doing Tenerife excursions you better book them in advance. as a matter of fact availability is limited and last minute excursions are difficult to organize. With this in mind, try to contac us prior to arriving so that we can plan your trips. we want you to relax on your holiday instead of stressing because there is no space available. Nevertheless, a week is in general enough time to organize. equally important is that you provide us with all details requiered for the excursions.

The climate here is often called “everlasting spring” because it presents mild temperatures during the whole year. This is especially true in the southwest area of the island. As a result, such good weather stimulates a lot of different Tenerife excursions. In the first place, you can fly over the Costa Adeje area in a paragliding tandem or in helicopter. Secondly, it is possible to kayak with dolphins by El Palm-Mar. In the third place, you can spot whales on a boat trip contemplating the majestic cliffs of Los Gigantes. These are unquestionably experiences that you will remember forever.    

So have a look at the Tenerife excursions and see the detailed description. in addition watch the video. this way you can already experience what the trip would be before booking it. meanwhile you get an idea of all important details like price, schedule, etc.

Another key point is the modern and clear design of our online shop. When you browse the website you can undeniably notice the attention for details. By all means we want to state that we are different from many other famous online shops of the industry. In short this is because we have an extensive knowledge of Tenerife! As a matter of fact, we personally go and film the trips. As can be seen, we produce almost all of the images and videos. In essence on our website you can find original and exclusive content. Without a doubt, we are passionate about what we do! 

Even though it might sound strange, some of the best ONLINE AGENCIES DO NOT KNOW TENERIFE VERY WELL BECAUSE they organize trips all over the world. equally important they don’t publish original pictures and videos as we do. one of our strengths is that we specialize exclusively in excursions on the island of Tenerife. this is crystal clear as soon as you open our website and compare it with others. Given these points it is important to realize the difference of our services. undoubtedly we can advise you better about which Tenerife excursions to do.

Firstly the purpose of this website is to organize Tenerife excursions at the best prices. Secondly it is to give a better idea of what Tenerife can offer to people who are planning their holiday. In other words we want to provide general tourist information and share our knowledge and experience about this wonderful place.

In order to make people happy we work with the best partners. Part of our job is in fact to check that all of them are working the right way. In particular we control important documents such as insurances and registrations by the Canarian government. Certainly this activity assures to our customers the quality of the trips. There is plenty of companies in Tenerife working badly, not to mention the illegal ones.

Another thing to take into consideration is our CANCELLATION POLICY. we offer free cancellation up to 5 days before the scheduled date. We want you to contact us prior to booking in any case. In spite of the good quality of our website, it is impossible to have updated availability on it. 

Above all we prefer to get contacted through our live chat or WhatsApp support service because it is the easiest and quickest way. We do not get phone calls because we want our communication to be written and clear for both you and us. If you try to get in touch late at night we will answer you on the following day. In general we reply at the latest in a few hours so don’t get stressed. We will certainly do our best to be as quick as possible. We are happy to answer during the whole year, so get in touch with us straightaway!

Finally we want you to know that what makes us different from other companies is our customer service. As a matter of fact we have the best reviews from our customers. This is due to the fact that whenever there is a problem we do our best to fix it. We think that in the long run having happy customers will make our success. Besides the trip organization we offer an excellent after sale service. In general once you have done the excursion we check your opinion about it.

in conclusion, Book your Tenerife excursions with us and take advantage of the best online discounts!


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